Zoom Jelly Sandals - Pink
Zoom Jelly Sandals - Pink

Jelly Sandals - Pink

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These gorgeous baby and toddler jelly sandals are made from super soft rubber (Polyvinyl Chloride) are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. These sandals are specifically designed to be worn by both walkers and non-walkers. 

Inspired by our old Roman Sandals I own and love, I have designed these sandals so that they are one of a kind and both suitable for little men and ladies.

With a secure buckle ankle straps, these sandals offer ease in putting them on and taking them off of little wiggly toes. The best part? These sandals are temper tantrum proof! The flexible buckle strap also serves as a secure fit for those little kickers.

Please see sizing guide to ensure fit.


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